Juvenile Fiction

Although an avid reader from a young age, I never found myself between the pages of my beloved books. Those happy stories were about other people, people who neither looked like me or shared my experiences.

Now that I am an author, it is important to me to provide children the opportunity to see themselves and their situations in the stories I write. 

Reading shouldn't only be a means of entertainment or escape, but should also inspire and encourage children to live an abundant life!


Trellis and his friend have a sleepover. Instead of going to bed when they are told, the two boys stay up to watch a scary movie. They soon find out the importance of obedience.


Christian Dream has cancer, but refuses to allow Cancer to alter his positive perspective on life. ​​​​​​​


Lorenzo the lizard was written in honor of my late brother by the same name. Like my brother, Lorenzo the Lizard uses the Word of God to fight the fear he encounters as he searches for his family.


When baby Mya is born, her Nana takes her on a journey to learn life lessons.


Queenie is a girl who battles self-esteem issues due to the lack of support from her family. When her brother accuses of her of being a 'Queen' a strange thing happens!

Bedtime Story

Love You, Night Night is a sweet way to lull your child(ren) to sleep night after night.​​​​​​​


Keesha has to stay home alone after school. As she watches the outside world from her window she contemplates on the things her mother has taught her.


Lee Lee Lou and Frankie Froggy are different. Lee Lee has a birthmark on her face and the frog is purple! When the two meet they help each other understand that being different is not necessarily a bad thing.


Baby Mac is curious. His brother Jordan worries that he will hurt himself.​​​​​​​ Thanks to Pastor Faye, Jordan realizes that all it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed to calm his fears.


Aubrey's dad has died, but she doesn't understand. Thanks to her Paw Paw, she understands that although her dad is gone, his love will never leave.


Aubrey's dad has divorced her mommy, but she doesn't understand. Her dad returns to tell her that although he doesn't live with her and mommy, his love will never leave.


Aubrey's dad has been deployed, but she doesn't understand. Her dad returns to tell her that although he was gone for awhile, his love never leaves.


A purple butterfly and a blue bear form an unlikely friendship.

By Helen Wu

This beautifully illustrated book features sweet poems to lull your child to wonderland.

Self Discovery

Meg is on a journey of self-discovery. ​​​​​​​

Self Love

Loving Leroy helps children learn the importance of accepting life's challenges in order to move forward.