"When you get give, When you learn, teach."
-Dr. Maya Angleou

You don't have to do it wrong to get it right. Plenty of people have made it where you may be trying to go. Instead of guessing on the optimum path, why not reference their stories of triumph? Lord knows I've made my fair share of mistakes. Now that I know better, I want to share with others in hopes of helping them avoid the pain and setbacks that I endured.

When the Captor is You ...

In my book, An Abundant Life, I tell the story of how I began my journey towards freedom. I was asking someone to give me something that wasn't his to give. When I realized that I held the key to all my heart desired, it was liberating. In this book, I talk about the lessons I learned and provide the reader with a space to chronicle their thoughts as well.


God Is In The Details ...

A friend once told me that 'God Was In The Details' and that resonated with me. I realized I hadn't stopped long enough to hear Him and I surely didn't heed His warnings or teachings. Once I began to reflect on my life, I could see His hand in it and I understood I had never been alone. God had always been right there with me - I just didn't know how to listen.


I Am That I Am ...

This is a gratitude journal. God's mercy and grace is so abundant in our lives but often we are too busy asking for 'more.' I published this journal as a reminder to say 'thank you' to the One who gave us All.


Now Available

I've been writing my entire life. But I never took the time to read or reflect on what I'd written. It wasn't until I began work on my autobiographical memoir, An Abundant Life, did I understand the importance of self reflection. As I read through old journals, I recognized patterns of pain. If only I had taken the time to read my journals even once a year, I feel like I could have identified destructive patterns and possibly avoided some of the self-imposed pain I inflicted. 

Self care is so important and it includes more than just a massage, or a manicure, or a shopping spree. Self care is about taking care of your mind and soul too. 

Take some time to love yourself!

A Journey of Freedom

Stories of Faith

A Place For Thoughts