Why I Write

I’ve always loved words and writing. I’m fascinated with how they look on paper, the sound they make as they leave the mouth, and as a writer, the myriad of ways in which to manipulate them on paper. There is something deeply satisfying about finding patterns, symmetry, and hidden meaning in what appears for me as a lump of clay, waiting for subjection and mastery!

As a child, I admit frustration over the inability to command what was a budding craft. Now, however, content curiosity serves me well, as I often see beyond what is presented. The transformation of words has gone from a persistent pastime to revealing a passionate purpose.

Writing is not only fun but also therapeutic. In my autobiographical memoir, An Abundant Life, I experienced a transformation of my feelings and ideals all because I put my life on paper. My story pulled me back from the brink of despair.

Ultimately, I write to heal, help, and provide hope.

Iris M. Williams,

Butterfly Typeface Publishing

An Abundant Life (the paperback series)

Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will break your spirit.

Perhaps you have heard the adage, “What happens in your home, stays in your home?” Unfortunately, this is a tragic misconception that threatens the emotional health and well-being of many of us. Childhood trauma does not dissipate. Instead, it follows you into adulthood and impacts every relationship you encounter.

After two teen pregnancies, a secret adoption, and three failed marriages, I ran out of room to run. In my book, An Abundant Life: The Trilogy, I share my story of childhood trauma, how that trauma manifested in my adult life, and how I found self-worth, purpose, healing, and freedom.

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An Abundant Life: The Series

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Now available in Hardback!

An Abundant Life: The Trilogy (More Precious Than Rubies)

A beautifully bound, 8x10, coffee table collector's edition that includes all three volumes.

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An Abundant Life: The Trilogy

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Author Iris M. Williams

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